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Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

At the law firm of Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft, we believe there is no better way to enrich young minds than by providing educational opportunities. And a multitude of research studies have shown time and again that the most prevelant hurdle for those seeking a college degree is a lack of funding. Just last year, the national center for education statistics released a report indicating that students enrolling in and completing undergraduate degrees in the United States has become stagnant.

Since the mid-1980s, the Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft scholarship fund has worked to reverse that trend, offering more than $6 million in college scholarships for young men and women of all nationalities, backgrounds, and races. Our scholarships are largely merit-based and are awarded annually to students who meet or exceed the eligibility criteria set forth below.

We make our selections every semester (once in the spring and once in the fall), based on our in-house verification process that has been implemented to ensure academic expectations have been reached, and most importantly, that there is financial need.


Please read carefully the summary of guidelines, rules, regulations, and requirements that appears below before applying for a Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft scholarship.

  • All scholarships are merit-based and applicants must therefore have a financial need;
  • All scholarships are limited to payment of tuition, on-campus room and meals, text books and academic fees;
  • All scholarships shall be paid directly to the university or college on behalf of the award recipient;
  • All scholarship award recipients shall be required to re-apply annually for renewal, at which time a review of his/her academic performance to date will be conducted;
  • All scholarships shall be awarded to students who have achieved a minimum cumulative grade-point-average of 3.4 and a combined SAT score of 1800;
  • All scholarship applicants must apply for using the free application for federal student aid;
  • All scholarship recipients must be a United States citizen or legal permanent resident with a valid permanent resident card or passport.

Any incomplete applications shall be returned and not considered. Please refer to the list below for all materials that must be included with your application.

  • Essay (minimum words: 1,500 / maximum words: 5,000);
  • Student aid report (FAFSA);
  • Most recent high school transcript (certified copies only);
  • Two letters of recommendation from high school faculty members;
  • Résumé.

*All Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft scholarship applications must be received by March 1 for consideration in the upcoming fall semester and by September 1 for considerdation in the upcoming spring semester. Applications must be accompanied by a current certified high school transcript and two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty members.