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Mission Statement

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our mission statement was carefully crafted over many months. It is something to which every one of our attorneys, as well as our support staff, must vow to stand by and adhere to for so long as they are part of the firm.

Our reputation means everything to us and we will never knowingly waver from the guidelines and principles that appear below.

Moreover, we will never knowingly disappoint any client. We pledge the following articles of our faith.

  • To provide each and every of our clients with prompt, professional, and courteous service at all times;
  • To ardently maintain the highest levels of professionalism by providing our clients with the best legal advice available;
  • To treat each and every of our clients, colleagues, and associates with total honesty and respect;
  • To complete work entrusted to us in a timely manner and for a fair and reasonable fee;
  • To strive to always offer practical legal advice to our clients that is tailored to each unique situation using a common-sense approach;
  • To invest the necessary time and effort into the education required to stay abreast of all laws that affect our clients;
  • To handle each and every of our client's legal matters as if they were our own;
  • To provide each and every client the personal attention needed to effectively recommend the legal strategies truly valuable to them in order for them to achieve their goals;
  • To provide our services in a friendly and courteous manner in order to develop long-lasting relationships;
  • To maintain the highest standard of integrity and to fully understand each client's legal situation;
  • To provide each and every client close, personal and professional attention;
  • To ensure each and every client is served by the expertise of our entire firm;
  • To provide each and every client competent advice;
  • To make ourselves available to provide insightful advice that enables our clients to make informed legal decisions;
  • To accept nothing less than greatness from ourselves at all times;
  • To continually educate ourselves to improve our technical expertise, financial knowledge, and level of customer service;
  • To answer all of our clients' questions, as they pertain to their case;
  • To continually provide opportunities and guidance for our clients to increase their quality of life.

Securing our future

By steadfastly relying on the standards set forth above, Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft believes it will remain a trusted source of knowledge, leadership, and professionalism within the legal industry.

Our objective from the very first day our firm was incorporated has been to represent the highest ideals of the American judiciary. We strive every day for excellence both in the work we do and the manner in which we treat our colleagues and clients.