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Boating Accidents

Last Updated: Wednesday, January 14, 2015

An afternoon out on the tranquil, sun-soaked waters of the Hudson River, the Long Island Sound, or the East River, or up and down the Verrazano Straits, can provide an indescribable and exhilarating feeling.

Boating is a pleasurable escape from the everyday aggravation and stresses brought on by problems at the office, as well as by disharmony in our personal relationships. There are no fax machines or traffic jams out at sea, and in an ideal world, everyone aboard a watercraft would be out of cell phone range to be left alone to enjoy themselves.

But when the operator of another boat is careless and causes an accident, the consequences can be devastating. Injuries from boating mishaps are all too common in and around the tri-state area. Not only are our waterways packed with boating enthusiasts comprised of local residents, but the waters surrounding New York City are highly desirable vacation destinations for people from all parts of the globe.

When the operator of another boat is impaired because of drugs or alcohol, is distracted, or simply lacks the experience and know-how to safely operate his vessel, accidents are nearly certain to occur. If you have been injured in a boating accident around New York City, including as far north as New England or as far south as the Chesapeake Bay area, or if you have lost a loved one because of the negligence of another operator of a watercraft, we encourage you to call Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft today.

The lawyers at Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft take highly seriously every inquiry, and we always offer an honest and realistic assessment of what potential cases are worth, if anything at all.

We know that victims of boating accidents can endure life-changing injuries, as well as enormous financial setbacks. A day out at sea should be a chance to relax with friends and family members. After all, there are no traffic jams out on the waters, and nothing can beat an afternoon of fishing or taking in the sights at sea.

The very same types of injuries that are often reported in the media from car accidents can occur when the operator of a boat acts in a negligent way. These types of injuries include brain trauma, paralysis, broken bones, cuts and scrapes to the face and extremities, spinal cord injury, and shattering of the skeletal structure.

The moving parts on a boat are meticulously sculpted and dangerous pieces of metal that could render severe and permanent damage should they come into contact with an adult or child. Engine propellers, for example, are highly dangerous pieces of equipment that have left scores of victims injured and dead.

When two or more boats collide, it is likely one or more passenger can be ejected, which could result in drowning. It is nearly impossible to live in South Florida and not see a story in the media every year about a boating accident in which excessive speed played a role, as one or more of the boat operators was trying to show off in front of friends.

If you have been injured in a boating accident around the tri-state area through no fault of your own, Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft welcomes the chance to speak with you. We never charge a fee to take on a new case and we receive no compensation unless our clients do first.

The party responsible for your boating accident injuries should be held responsible. They should be made to pay the costs of your medical bills and other expenses brought about by their negligence. We can help make that happen.

Simon Bennett Robbins Oppenheim & Taft looks forward to speaking with you soon.